A journey through the world of books

27 February 2024

Our 2nd year Bachelor students are immersed in the world of books. The aim of the course was to create their own book! Cover, spine, back cover, double illustration, back cover, etc. Every detail has been carefully thought out.

Discover some of their creations here:

Double-page du livre "à la lumière des histoires oubliées"

In the light of forgotten stories

Immerse yourself in an epic inspired by the Harry Potter saga with “Lumina”. A magic lamp that brings a sleeping library to life every night. Lumina discovers an old storybook and decides to bring the characters back to life, guiding them into a fantastic world. The choice of colours, with yellow representing light and black dominating to reflect darkness, has been meticulously selected to immerse readers in this nocturnal adventure. The typography used is reminiscent of the world of fairy tales, fantasy and the fantastic.

Couverture du livre "à la lumière des histoires oubliées"
Double illustration du livre "à la lumière des histoires oubliées"

Illustrations and story by Anaïs C

The light of the Orient

Meet Layla, muse of Oriental beauty. Her tales of the Orient attract the people of her village every day. One night she decides to immortalise the beauty of the Orient by creating a work of art that will go down in history. The author has left nothing to chance! From the choice of typography to the use of gold, representative of Oriental culture, set against a black background. Touches of blue evoke the starry desert sky, adding an enchanting dimension to this creation.

Couverture du livre "La lumière de l'Orient"
Double illustration de Layla créant une oeuvre d'art

Illustrations and story by Nawel Z.

Between You and Me: a romantic odyssey

This collection of poems is all about love. The design features fine, flowing lines that reflect beauty and sensuality. These lines are combined with hints of red, the emblematic hue of love. Each page becomes an invitation to romance. The words blend harmoniously with a design that evokes the passion and radiance of love.

Couverture et quatrième de couverture "entre toi et moi"
Double-page du poème "pourquoi je t'aime"

Illustrations by Ambre A.

The secrets of the seasons

This book, dedicated to children, reveals the benefits, splendour and distinct characteristics of each season. Young readers immerse themselves in adventures with summer, autumn, spring and winter. In this production, the author has not only respected the codes of the book, but has also highlighted the essential elements to captivate a young reader.

The illustrations take centre stage, revealing colourful scenes that take children on a visual journey in harmony with each season. The thick pages with rounded edges add a tactile touch, creating an immersive experience for little hands eager to discover the secrets of each season.

Couverture du livre "les secrets des saisons"
Double-page du livre "les secrets des saisons"

Illustrations and story by Imane S.

Horse riding

A keen equestrian from an early age, our student wanted to share his passion. This book, aimed at a young audience, explores various equestrian disciplines such as show jumping, horse ball, cross-country and much more. The illustrations take centre stage on every page, immersing the reader in the fascinating world of horse riding.

Couverture du livre "l'équitation"
Double-page du livre "L'équitation"

Illustrations and story by Jules M.

Each of our students has made well-considered artistic choices, in line with their initial vision and what they wanted to convey.
So how about it? Can’t wait to see these nuggets grace the shelves of your bookshop?