Web and Mobile Web Developer

A course to enhance your web development skills and become comfortable working on both the front and back ends. By following this course, you'll be able to combine design and programming and adapt to project requirements. The course is available on our Paris and Lyon campuses.


4 months



Entry level

No prerequisites

Start dates

Several sessions throughout the year

Tuition fee

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Level 5 professional qualification

Learning objectives

  •  Mock up an application
  • Design a static and adaptable web user interface
  • Develop a dynamic web user interface
  • Design a user interface using a content management solution (CMS)
  • Create a database and develop the data access components
  • Develop the back-end of a web or mobile web application
  • Developing and implementing components in a content management application (CMS)


  • Development environment
  • Algorithms

  • Bootstrap (front-end framework)
  • Javascript
  • Digital accessibility
  • WordPress integration

  • MySQL database
  • PHP
  • Symfony (back-end framework)
  • WordPress development
  • Angular mobile development

End of course project (Development of a complete website)


Number of hours: 490

The Web and Mobile Web Developer course can be financed via :

  • The CPF (Personal Training Account)
  • The Professional Transition Project
  • France Travail funding subject to conditions
  • Regional funding subject to conditions
  • Self-financing

Admission to the Web and Mobile Web Developer professional qualification is possible without any specific pre-requisites.


Contact us: admission@eemi.com

You can choose to continue on to a third year of a Bachelor’s degree at EEMI to develop your development skills and position yourself for jobs as a Full Stach Developer, DevOps Developer or Mobile Developer:


I’M doing a BacheLor 3  in application development & cybersecurity