Action-based Pedagogy

At EEMI, we know that skill development primarily occurs through real-life situations, which is why we organize numerous workshops, hackathons, and workshops.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn…”Benjamin Franklin

Étudiants se familiarisant avec leurs outils numériques

Experiential Learning for Better Education

Xun Zi already wondered about the purpose of eloquent speeches and lengthy theories if they are not put into practice. If we don’t challenge them, deconstruct them to rebuild and make them our own.

Experimenting for yourself is the key because at EEMI, we understand that your skill development primarily occurs through real-life situations that you will encounter after your studies. Our programs are built around this idea.

Throughout your curriculum, you will experience the following:

  • Workshops: 3 to 5 days dedicated to team-based digital project development
  • Hackathons: 48 non-stop hours to respond to a real client’s project call. Your project could be carried through to its realization and use in real life.
  • Professional projects: An incubator [1] is accessible to students and alumni whose projects require expert insights. Personalized support to make your dreams come true. If you simply want to develop your creativity and practice, our Labs are the ideal solution, available to students who want to explore new technologies.
  • Business game: Sometimes a simulation game during a specific module, the business game can also serve as an evaluation test for the more experienced.

Digital Tools in Pedagogy

EEMI utilizes digital solutions to benefit its students: Twitch, Work Adventure, Discord, Google Meet, and more. EEMI finds and develops all the digital solutions necessary to ensure both pedagogical continuity and students’ social life in all situations.

Whether it’s confinement, strikes, or other unforeseen events, EEMI always offers the appropriate solution. Perhaps you could be the inventor of that solution if you join EEMI now.