A delayed start to the new academic year

23 November 2023

It’s possible to take the wrong direction and still have a good year ! Thinking of changing direction in the digital world ? The staggered start to the academic year is for you !

If you’re a student considering a change of direction or even a career change during the course of the year, don’t panic. EEMI offers fast-track courses in Paris and Orléans.

Groupe de personne discutant d'un projet

Deferred start : don’t lose a year !

The deferred start date at EEMI is designed to offer you an intensive training opportunity. It allows you to catch up on the first semester’s programme without losing a year. In this way, you will have all the technical fundamentals.


Whether you’re a budding student looking for a new path or a professional looking for new skills, this option is perfectly suited to your needs.

L'EEMI, la meilleure école pour une rentrée décalée
Intégrer une école du digital

Who is it for?

If you’re fresh out of high school or looking for a new impetus at the start of your course, get in on the adventure and join the 1st year Bachelor’s programme in Paris.

This opportunity is also invaluable if you want to acquire advanced skills in the digital field. This new academic year is also open to students with a BAC+3.

Find out about the specialisations available for a delayed start to a Masters 1 :

Why choose EEMI for a staggered start?

This new academic year gives you the chance to join a dynamic community, whatever your starting point. You won’t have to wait a year to pursue your passion or change career direction. You can start learning and developing now.

Future étudiante faisant des recherches sur son ordinateur

In short, if you’re thinking of changing direction or retraining in the digital sector during the course of the year, the staggered start to the academic year at EEMI is the perfect option for you. Take the first step towards an exciting future right now, thanks to EEMI.


Choose the EEMI delayed start option and transform your digital future!