Enrolling in a Master’s Program

Pursuing a Master’s degree at one of EEMI’s campuses offers the following benefits:

  • A tailored education that aligns with evolving professions, ensuring employability and professional integration.
  • Specialization options based on your professional and personal goals.

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To enroll in an EEMI Master’s degree program, you need to hold or be in the process of obtaining an RNCP level 6 degree, such as:

  • Digital Bachelor’s degree
  • Business school Bachelor’s degree
  • Design or communication school Bachelor’s degree
  • Scientific or technological Bachelor’s degree, such as in Computer Science or Mathematics/Information Science…

Application Process

If you wish to join EEMI for a Master’s degree, simply follow these steps. The Admissions department will guide you throughout the admission process with kindness.

  1. Online application
  2. Review of your academic records
  3. Remote or in-person admission exam, including an English and digital culture test, followed by a motivational interview
  4. Reception of the admission result and enrollment within 7 days

Recruitment takes place throughout the year, subject to availability.

Late enrollment is also possible for students seeking a change of direction.

Admission Exam

EEMI is not part of the Parcoursup platform. Admission to the Master’s program is based on the evaluation of your academic records and a free entrance exam specific to the school.

The exam includes:

  1. Digital culture test: Evaluates the candidate’s curiosity and interest in the digital world. The candidate’s overall knowledge of digital current affairs will be assessed.
  2. English test: Determines if the candidate possesses the minimum prerequisites to thrive in the digital field, including grammar, conjugation, and describing images.
  3. Motivational interview: A 30-minute conversation where the candidate is evaluated based on genuine interest in the school and the chosen field, as well as their background.

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Accessibility and Disability

EEMI is accessible to students with disabilities.

If you require technical or human accommodations for the oral interviews, especially if you choose an in-person format, please contact our disability coordinator. We will ensure that the assessment process takes place under the best conditions.