EEMI x Istec Incubator

EEMI and Istec have combined their expertise to offer a joint entrepreneurial incubator for their students. The objective? To strengthen the support for student and alumni business creation projects.

Led by Henry Pironin, the incubator relies on a team of experts to assist students with the various challenges of the business world. Henry offers project leaders guidance throughout the creation of their projects, coaching them and helping them launch.

Key figures


project holder in 2022


of entrepreneurs advised by Henry succeed in setting up their own business

Our partners

The incubator is a member of IGEU (Initiatives des Grandes Écoles et Universités)

The incubator is part of the PEPITE HESAM Entreprendre program

Equipped Infrastructures

EEMI provides equipped infrastructures for innovation:

  • Coworking space
  • Meeting rooms*
  • Classrooms*
  • Offices
  • Recording studios*

*Available upon reservation

Personalized Support Services

We also offer personalized support services tailored to different projects and stages of progress:

  • 5 hours of personalized advice per month
  • Guidance from permanent members of the incubator
  • Information sessions or training on various topics (financial statement analysis, management, business development, business plan creation, defining offerings, market analysis)
  • Technical support for the design and development of innovative prototypes through laboratories and partner organizations
  • Access to workspace within the Panoramas space (up to 2 workstations per project)
  • Access to various facilities (meeting rooms, studios)
  • Free Wi-Fi

Privileged Networks

We provide access to privileged networks:

  • Orientation and/or referral to EEMI x Istec partner organizations (BPI France, Regional Council of Île-de-France, Departmental Councils, urban communities of Île-de-France, organizations and associations supporting business creation, banks, and other financial institutions)
  • Possibility to join the PEPITE HESAM Entreprendre program (the network of student-entrepreneurs)

PEPITE Program

PEPITE stands for Pôle Etudiant pour l’Innovation, le Transfert et l’Entrepreneuriat (Student Pole for Innovation, Transfer, and Entrepreneurship). EEMI and Istec have partnered with HENAM University to offer the PEPITE HENAM Entreprendre program.

Concretely, it includes:

  • Workshops to foster an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Training and mentoring program
  • Student Entrepreneur Status (S2E) for project leaders
  • Mentorship, related events, activity management tools, dedicated educational resources, workspace, the entrepreneurial ecosystem partnered with PEPITE
  • Professional, academic, and socio-economic networks to support project development and launch
  • PEPITE team for guidance and support

Incubator Operation Guidelines

  • Preselection: Assessment of project eligibility by Henry Pironin, Incubator Director
  • Application: If the project is eligible, you need to submit an application form
  • Selection: Validation of the application by the Validation Committee, which meets twice a year
  • Start of incubation: Signing of an 18-month agreement between the incubator and the incubatee

Want to Start Your Own Business?

Contact Henry Pironin, Incubator Director – 07 77 28 93 19

Henry is passionate about what creators have to offer and has already helped over 3,000 entrepreneurs.

You could be the next one!