Enrolling in a Bachelor’s Program

Enrolling in a Bachelor’s program at one of EEMI’s campuses offers the following benefits:

  • A foundation year that includes learning essential skills in digital marketing, interactive design, and web development during the first two years.
  • The opportunity to choose a specialization in the final year based on your professional and personal goals.

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1st-year Bachelor’s

High school diploma (or in the process of obtaining one) or a level 4 RNCP certification.

2nd-year Bachelor’s

Successful completion of the first year and obtaining 60 ECTS credits in a digital training program at the Bac+1, CPGE level.

3rd-year Bachelor’s

Hold or be in the process of obtaining a level 5 RNCP certification, such as:

  • DUT (University Technology Diploma) or BUT (University Technology Bachelor’s) in MMI (Multimedia and Internet Professions), Computer Science, Networks & Telecommunications, or GEII (Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing).
  • Bachelor’s degree, scientific or technological professional license, or a Computer Science or Maths/Info II license.
  • BTS (Advanced Technician’s Certificate) SIO (Services for IT Organizations) or SN (Digital Systems).
  • Master’s degree.
  • Degree from a digital or technological engineering school.
  • Validation of a CPGE (Preparatory Classes for Grandes Écoles) specialization.


If you wish to join EEMI’s Bachelor’s program, simply follow these steps. The Admissions department will support you throughout the admission process with kindness.

  1. Online application
  2. Review of academic records
  3. Admission test, either remotely or in person, consisting of an English and digital culture test followed by a motivation interview
  4. Reception of admission results and enrollment within 7 days.

Recruitments take place throughout the year based on available seats.

Enrollment in the Bachelor’s program is also possible for students in need of a delayed start due to reorientation.

Admission Test

EEMI is a school outside the Parcoursup system. Admission to the Bachelor’s program is based on the evaluation of academic records and a free admission test specific to the school. The test includes the following components:

  • The digital culture test aims to assess the candidate’s curiosity and interest in the digital world. The candidate will be evaluated based on their overall knowledge of digital news.
  • The English test is designed to determine if the candidate possesses the minimum prerequisites to thrive in the digital field (conjugation, grammar, description of images, etc.).
  • The motivation interview is a 30-minute exchange during which the candidate will be evaluated on their genuine interest in the school and the chosen field, as well as their background. From the 2nd year of the Bachelor’s program, significant attention is given to the student’s professional project.

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Accessibility & Disability

EEMI is accessible to students with disabilities.

If you require technical or human accommodations for the oral interviews, especially if you choose an in-person format, please contact our disability referent so that we can ensure the smooth conduct of the assessments.