Applications Designer and Developer

A course to enhance your web development skills and become comfortable working on both the front and back ends. By following this course, you'll be able to combine design and programming and adapt to project requirements.The course is available on our Paris and Lyon campuses.


1 year


Work-study program

Admission level

No prerequisites

Start dates

Several sessions throughout the year

Tuition fee

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Level 6 professional qualification

Learning objectives

  • Setting up a suitable work environment
  • Create user interfaces for an application
  • Developing the main functions of an application
  • Structure an application securely in different layers
  • Test the application according to defined plans
  • Document and deploy the application, following DevOps principles


  • Git: repository management
  • Maven
  • Angular
  • RGPD
  • Digital accessibility

  • Java: OOP
  • Java SE intermediate: advanced OOP and design patterns
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) in Java SE/Java EE
  • Spring: REST WebServices and Persistence with Spring Data JPA
  • SCRUM Agile Method
  • Project communication
  • UX Design

  • UML 2
  • Software architecture
  • Analysis methods: Merise
  • SQL
  • JPA Hibernate
  • MongoDB Development

  • Integration and continuous deployment with GitLab-CI
  • DevOps architecture + Docker/Kubernetes
  • Monitoring
  • Professional English

Volume d’heures : 490

The Applications Designer and Developer course can be financed via :

  • The CPF (Personal Training Account)
  • The Professional Transition Project
  • France Travail funding subject to conditions
  • Regional funding subject to conditions
  • Self-financing

Admission to the Applications Designer and Developer professional qualification is possible without any specific pre-requisites.


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