Master’s in Management Strategy & Entrepreneurship

The Master's in Management Strategy & Entrepreneurship allows students to become hybrid profiles, mastering both technology and business.


2 years


100% as a work-study program with 1 week at school / 3 weeks in a company

Admission level

Bachelor's degree +3 in Business School or Web Development


October or March (deferred admission for Master 1)

Tuition fee

€12,500 per year

Double degree

Level 7 professional certifications "Digital Project Manager" and "Manager - Expert in e-business and digital technologies" registered with RNCP for five years

Pedagogical Objectives

The Management Strategy & Entrepreneurship program is designed for students from general backgrounds seeking technical expertise in the three key areas of digital: e-business, interactive design, and web development. With the skills acquired, you will have knowledge of the company and its structure, enabling you to activate the necessary levers for digital transformation.


This Master’s program offers two specializations:

Major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Designed for ambitious individuals who want to start their own businesses. Through our program, you will acquire the necessary skills to become a successful entrepreneur in the world of innovation and technology. You will discover the key steps in business creation, from developing a solid business plan to seeking funding, establishing partnerships, and managing a team.

Major in International Strategy & Sustainability

This curriculum combines key aspects of business strategy with environmental, social, and societal sustainability. In a world where digitalization is constantly evolving, this program offers a global perspective on sustainable development challenges in the digital ecosystem.

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Governance and Business Plan
  • Team Management and HR
  • Intellectual Property
  • CSR: Responsible Digital
  • Advanced Project Management

  • Executive Posture and Delegation
  • Fundraising
  • Scale-up
  • Evaluation and Project Financing
  • Sustainable Innovation

The Master’s in Management Strategy & Entrepreneurship opens up the following career paths for EEMI graduates:

  • Digital Strategy Manager
  • Entrepreneurship / Business Creation
  • Business Development Manager

Admission to the Master’s program is based on the following conditions:

  • Year 1: Bachelor’s degree +3 in business school or web development
  • Year 2: Bachelor’s degree +4 in business school or web development

Admissions at EEMI are subject to successful completion of an oral motivational interview, written tests (Digital Culture and English), and evaluation of the academic record.

Deferred admission is open to first-year Master’s students.


Training Rhythm

In alternating format

Year 1

  • Start: October or March (deferred admission)
  • Course volume: 450 hours
  • Rhythm: 1 week at school, 3 weeks in a company

Year 2

  • Start: October or March (deferred admission)
  • Course volume: 450 hours
  • Rhythm: 1 week at school, 3 weeks in a company