Master’s in Applications & Cybersecurity

The Master's in Applications & Cybersecurity program allows you to manage the information systems of a company, ensuring the security of data, storage, and data virtualization.


2 years


100% as a work-study program with 1 week at school and 3 weeks at a company


October or February (deferred admission for Master's year 1)


Professional certification at level 7

Tuition fee

€12,500 per year

Admission level

Bachelor's degree in Web Development or Computer Science

Pedagogical Objectives

Cybersecurity has become a reality and is a top priority to ensure a balance between data security and business continuity. As a pillar of digital transformation, it disrupts established principles and pushes companies to integrate a secure approach at the heart of all development plans.

The Master’s in Applications & Cybersecurity program is in full time or work-study program and allows you to acquire technical and managerial skills, affirming your expertise in addressing the business challenges and impacts of cybersecurity.

On completion of this program, you will be certified to level 7 professional certification “Manager – expert en e-business et technologies numériques” (IT systems expert) registered on the RNCP by order of May 29, 2020, under the authority and delivered by EFREI. The certification offers 6 blocks of skills that can be validated separately.


  • Modeling (Data, Infrastructure)
  • BackEnd / FrontEnd
  • Cybersecurity (systems and networks)
  • Mathematics
  • Quality Assurance
  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Advanced BackEnd (Go, Python)
  • Advanced FrontEnd (Angular)
  • Mobile Development
  • Penetration Testing
  • Advanced Cybersecurity and Risk Management


The Master’s in Applications & Cybersecurity program enables EEMI graduates to pursue the following careers:

  • Data Engineer
  • Tech Lead / Lead Developer
  • Pentester
  • Operations Manager


Admission to the Master’s program is subject to the following conditions:

  • Year 1: Bachelor’s degree in web development or computer science
  • Year 2: Master’s degree or equivalent in web development or computer science

Admissions to EEMI are based on the successful completion of an oral motivational interview, tests and evaluation of the academic record.

Deferred admission is available for first-year Master’s students (link to deferred admission page).


Rythme de la formation

En alternance

Année 1  

  • Rentrée : Octobre ou Mars (rentrée décalée)
  • Rentrée décalée possible en Mars uniquement en initial
  • Volume de cours : 450 heures
  • Rythme : 1 semaine à l’école, 3 semaines en entreprise 

Année 2 

  • Rentrée : Octobre
  • Volume de cours : 450 heures
  • Rythme : 1 semaine à l’école, 3 semaines en entreprise