EEMI, a school outside of Parcoursup

EEMI has chosen to offer admission to its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs outside of Parcoursup.

We distinguish ourselves through a pedagogical approach focused on projects and practical learning, with strong involvement from partner companies in student education.

Parcoursup or not?

Parcoursup is a national platform for pre-registration in the first year of higher education in France.

Private schools are not obligated to be listed on Parcoursup and may prefer to offer flexibility and freedom of choice to high school graduates.

The choice of a school outside of Parcoursup can be guided by several reasons:

  • You are interested in a program that is not offered by public schools accessible through Parcoursup.
  • You are looking for a program with a different curriculum or pedagogy than those offered by public institutions.
  • You want a simple application process and quick results without affecting your potential Parcoursup choices.

Gather information about Career Orientation

Whether you choose a school through Parcoursup or outside of Parcoursup, we strongly encourage you to gather information about the institutions before making a choice:

  • Visit their website.
  • Attend Open Days to learn more about the school.
  • Exchange with alumni or professors to get a better idea of what each school can offer.