Bachelor’s degree in Web Development

The Bachelor's degree in Web Development program allows you to train for 3 years in the fields of web development and cybersecurity.


3 years


Full-time at school or as a work-study program with 1 week at school / 3 weeks in a company

Admission level

High School diploma or equivalent. Parallel admissions are possible.


September or February (deferred start)

Tuition fee

between €8,000 and €10,500 per year


Cycle validated at the end of the third year by the professional certification at level 6 "Digital Project Manager" registered in the RNCP (NSF code 326p).

Pedagogical Objectives

The Bachelor Web Developer program allows you to understand the business challenges related to digital and cybersecurity.

At the end of this program, you will be awarded the professional certification at level 6 “Digital Project Manager” registered in the RNCP, authorized and issued by EEMI.

We train you in 3 years

This year is common to all Bachelors and is only available in full-time with a 2-month internship.

  • Creation of interfaces and development of visual identity
  • Use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to integrate website mockups
  • Implementation of APIs using PHP
  • Database usage
  • Creation of a brand identity
  • Development of digital marketing and communication strategies

This year is common to all Bachelors. In full-time, a 4-month internship is planned.

  • Automating system tasks through integration
  • Implementation of a website’s back end
  • Mastery of tools for business communication and development of an editorial calendar
  • Analysis of audience and market data
  • Learning 3D, interface design (UI), and user experience design (UX) tools

In full-time, a mandatory 6-month internship concludes the year.

  • Argumentation of solutions and technical projections
  • Justification of choices according to assigned projects
  • In-depth knowledge of Front End, focusing on integrating complex websites using multiple frameworks
  • Mastery of Back End for complex websites using Go, Python, Ruby, and Symfony
  • Mastery of native mobile application development on iOS/Android


  • Digital Culture
  • Introduction to Design
  • Marketing & Business
  • Project Management
  • Web Development

  • Project Management
  • UX/UI Design
  • Content Creation
  • Responsible Digital Practices
  • Design Thinking

  • PHP backend (OOP)
  • Basis of the algorithm
  • LowCode DB (Supabase)
  • Security certification + cloud docker deployment
  • Creation of SASS framework (HTML & CSS)
  • FrontEnd Javascript Vanilla
  • Linux (Base and Shell script) / Docker
  • Mathematics applied to programming
  • DB modelling and SQL querying
  • Getting to grips with AI tools

Career Opportunities

The Bachelor’s degree in Web Development program enables EEMI graduates to position themselves in the following professions:

  • Full Stack Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • Front End Developer
  • Lead Developer

You can also choose to pursue further studies in a Mastère EEMI program in the Tech Lead & Cybersecurity field to develop your skills in project management and position yourself in roles such as Product Owner or Data Engineer:



Admission to the Bachelor’s Degree is based on the following conditions:

  • Year 1: High school diploma or equivalent
  • Year 2: Bachelor’s degree +1 or equivalent
  • Year 3: Bachelor’s degree +2 or equivalent

Admissions to EEMI are subject to a successful oral motivation interview, tests and evaluation of academic records.

Deferred start is open to 1st students in full-time.


Training schedules

Year 1

  • Intake: September or March (deferred entry)
  • Course hours: 550 hours
  • Internship: 2 months

Year 2 

  • Intake: September
  • Course hours: 450 hours
  • Internship: 4 months

Year 3

  • Intake: September
  • Course hours: 450 hours
  • Internship: 6 months

Year 1

  • Intake: September
  • Course hours: 550 hours
  • Timetable: 2 days at school, 3 days in the company

Year 2

  • Intake: September
  • Course hours: 450 hours
  • Schedule: 1 week at school, 3 weeks in the company

Year 3

  • Intake: September
  • Course hours: 450 hours
  • Schedule: 1 week at school, 3 weeks in the company