Executive Programs

EEMI has designed programs dedicated to professionals who want to master the tools of digital marketing. It is a training program that gives a boost to your business and helps you understand the latest technological innovations and their implications for companies.


6 months (80 hours of classes)


Hybrid training (50% in-person on Mondays / 50% online)

Admission requirements

3 years of professional experience


September or March (deferred intake)

Tuition fee

between €4,600 (excluding taxes) and €5,700 (excluding taxes)

Pedagogical Objectives

  • Understand the latest technological innovations and their business implications
  • Develop your digital culture
  • Adopt a strategic perspective
  • Effectively communicate with stakeholders in your organizations and projects
  • Embrace digital as a key driver of business and performance
  • Delegate to specialists effectively
  • Evolve your business model
  • Develop your digital transformation strategy

The modules are taught by digital experts. The focus is on specialized areas such as Big Data, AI, UX/UI customer interface, conversion funnel, and engagement. The programs are designed to understand the changing professional landscape in the face of digital transformation.

Upon completion of this training, you will receive a diploma certificate issued by EEMI.


  • Digital culture
  • Marketing & Business
  • Project Management
  • Digital strategies: key drivers

  • Project Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Innovation

  • Analytics: measuring actions
  • Multichannel / omnichannel approach
  • Acquisition / Growth Hacking and CRM
  • Action optimization (analysis and corrective measures)

  • Social Selling – Creating and managing a community
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Cloud and AI
  • SEO / SEA