Recognition of Prior Learning (VAE)

The Recognition of Prior Learning (VAE) allows anyone to value their professional experience, regardless of age, status, and level of education, as long as they have a minimum of one year of professional experience directly related to a certification listed in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP).


3 or 2 years according to the chosen program


Application form review

Admission criteria

There are no age, education or status criteria

VAE Process

At EEMI, the VAE process consists of 4 stages.

The initial exchange aims to define your professional project and its objectives, answer your questions, determine the procedures together, and provide advice on funding arrangements.

The application dossier consists of 4 sections allowing the analysis of the admissibility of the request:

  • General information: personal details, professional situation, educational level.
  • Information related to the experience in relation to the targeted certification.
  • Mandatory supporting documents to be attached.
  • Declaration on honor stating that only one VAE application has been submitted for the certification, for the current calendar year.

After the admissibility is validated, the support period begins to prepare the dossier to be presented to the certification jury.

The certification jury convenes and can decide:

  • Full validation: you obtain the requested certification.
  • Partial validation: you obtain a partial certification and need to acquire additional skills to obtain the requested certification.
  • Refusal of validation: your acquired skills do not allow for obtaining the requested certification.