An immersion in AI with the Lyon campus

12 February 2024

EEMI Lyon recently turned its campus into a laboratory with a workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for students in their 3rd year of the Bachelor Application Development & Cybersecurity programme. From generative AI to augmented reality, here’s a look at the highlights!

Des étudiants plongés dans l'apprentissage de l'IA.

On the programme: AI for all tastes

The students began by demystifying AI with fundamental questions such as “What is AI?”

Spoiler alert : it’s not just a buzzword, it’s the future knocking at your door!

The students plunged into the world of generative AI, with the likes of ChatGPT, Dall-E 3 and Midjourney. They had the opportunity to analyse extensions and specialised plugins, some dedicated to code review. Imagine and create entire worlds with just a few lines of code! Who would have thought that AI could be so much fun?

The epic moment of the workshop? The in-depth exploration of one of the most recent innovations: the process of creating specific GPTs on ChatGPT, tailor-made chatbots designed to respond precisely to specific needs, tasks or areas of knowledge.

Our students were also introduced to augmented reality design using Meta’s Spark software.

Intervenant expliquant l'outil Dall-E à ses étudiants
Étudiants utilisant les différents outils d'IA.

What students have to say

Mohammed, 3rd year student :

“We explored various aspects of AI and its tools, but what really made the workshop exceptional was its practical aspect. We actually put into practice the creation of GPTs and the creation of augmented reality Instagram filters on Meta’s Spark.”

Florian, 3rd year student :

“We were able to get a very comprehensive set of tools and methods to be able to integrate this technology into our workflow and enable us to be more efficient and versatile. We were also able to learn about XR thanks to a practical activity combining these two technologies to create a 3D filter.”

AI redefines our daily lives

Marin-Victor Berthelot, an expert in XR and Artificial Intelligence, led the workshop: “The students were able to discover examples of the use of immersive technologies in sectors such as health, education and art, and were introduced to augmented reality creation using Spark, Meta’s software. 3D objects generated during the first part of the workshop were used to augment their environment, as well as a business card, making the link between generative AI and immersive technologies.

Today, AI has made its mark in many sectors, including health, education and even art!

Intervenant avec ses étudiants

Naël Fawal, Director of the Lyon campus :

“AI can no longer be seen today as just a fad. EEMI trains future digital professionals for jobs that are bound to be impacted and transformed by AI. It was necessary to integrate these issues into the very heart of our students’ programmes. The aim of this workshop was to prepare our developers for future developments in their field. Thank you to Marin-Victor Berthelot, who put his passion and skills at the service of our students during this day and a half!