Students and Alumni

Professionalization is an important focus at EEMI, both for its students and alumni. EEMI is known for its hands-on pedagogy, which emphasizes projects, work-study programs, and internships in companies.

EEMI students benefit from personalized support to develop their professional skills and succeed in the job market.

EEMI strives to train competent professionals recognized in their fields. We rely on a network of partner companies, which provide students with access to job opportunities in renowned companies.

Work-study program at EEMI

EEMI students can choose work-study program starting from the 1rst year for Bachelor’s and Masters’s programs.

All work-study programs at EEMI follow a schedule of one week at school and three weeks in the company.

Work-study programs are available through apprenticeship contracts or professionalization contracts.

Internships at EEMI

EEMI students can also choose to pursue their Bachelor’s program in the traditional full-time format. Internship periods are distributed as follows:

  • 1st-year Bachelor’s: 2 months
  • 2nd-year Bachelor’s: 4 months
  • 3rd-year Bachelor’s: 6 months

All internships at EEMI are convention-based. The internship agreement must be signed before the start of the internship.

Requests for internship agreements should be addressed to the Business Relations department, which will provide the necessary form.

Please allow an average of one week for processing the request and sending the document for signature.

Recruitment Events

To support our students in finding companies, we have implemented various tools and key events dedicated to connecting students and companies:

  • Job datings: Networking events where our students and participating companies can meet for accelerated recruitment interviews. These events take place throughout the year to offer opportunities for apprenticeships as well as internships.
  • EEMI’s jobteaser platform: Students and alumni of EEMI can apply for internship, apprenticeship, freelance, temporary, and permanent job offers posted by our partner companies.

For any questions,

please contact Smina MEKREZ: – 06 23 77 11 40