Applying for Executive Education

To apply for Recognition of an Executive Program at EEMI, you must have a minimum of 3 years of professional experience.

Application Process

For Recognition of Prior Learning (VAE)

After an initial discussion to define your professional project and its objectives, you need to prepare your application dossier and send it by email to The dossier should include the following:

  • General information: personal details, professional situation, educational level.
  • Information about your relevant experience based on the desired certification.
  • Mandatory supporting documents.
  • A declaration stating that you have submitted only one VAE application for the certification in the current calendar year.

For Executive Programs

We will offer you an EEMI program tailored to your needs, with a combination of 50% in-person and 50% remote learning. Please contact us to submit an admission request via email to

Accessibility and Disability

EEMI is accessible to students with disabilities.

If you require technical or human accommodations for in-person interviews, please get in touch with our disability coordinator so that we can organize the assessment process under the best conditions.