Testimony of Lamiss – future EEMI student

11 September 2023

Student and future data professional

Straight from Testour, Lamiss chose EEMI to make her career plans a reality. From the start of the new academic year, she will be joining our Solutions Architect Master’s programme on a work-study program course, where she will be able to fully develop her passion for data development and analysis. Her ambition? To become a talented Data Analyst driven by her passion.
Photo de face de Lamiss

Who are you ?

I did a degree in information and communication technology management at Iset’Com, where I took my first steps in development. I discovered lines of code, algorithms, project management and data.

What I particularly enjoy is seeing my ideas come to fruition, moving from a simple paper brief to the production of a functional application. This project phase is a real challenge and a source of motivation. For me, succeeding after long hours of reflection in solving a problem and compiling the right code gives me a certain satisfaction.

Expertise en Data

How did EEMI help you in your search for a work experience placement?

I first had an interview with the EEMI’s Corporate Relations department to study and rectify my CV / cover letter in line with my work-study search. At the same time, I also received work-study offers from EEMI’s partner companies, so I was guided in my search (job boards, events specially dedicated to work-study, etc.) Another aspect that I particularly appreciated was the fact that I could take part in the Jobdatings organised by EEMI and meet recruiters in a less formal environment.

What are your tips for your search?

The first thing is to be motivated to find a work-linked placement. Then there’s organisation. In my case, I set up a tracking table listing all the positions I applied for. Good organisation makes the search easier.

You can’t be afraid to devote time and energy during the search period.

  • Before applying, I paid a lot of attention to the job description, so as to select only those vacancies that really interested me. I realised that a targeted strategy is much more productive than a blind, hasty approach.
  • I worked on my network, starting by enhancing my LinkedIn profile. When I took part in trade fairs, I didn’t hesitate to take business cards and contact them afterwards. You can be pleasantly surprised by the opportunities available to you if you’re just a little bit bold.
  • In my search for work experience, I also turned to associations like NQT, which helped me in my search and enabled me to develop my network.

Why did you choose EEMI?

I chose EEMI mainly because of delay start of the school year. It meant I didn’t have to lose a year and I could get straight to the heart of the matter. I’ve also had lots of discussions with former EEMI students. This confirmed my choice in terms of the courses on offer, the quality of the teaching and the support given to students. Another essential aspect for me was the size of the school. I think that the small class sizes make it easier to get personal attention and to learn.

I’m delighted to be joining EEMI with a work-study programme that’s tailor-made for me. This rewarding experience will be a real springboard to a promising future.