Valorizing professional experience

Valorizing professional experience, whether through Executive Programs, Validation of Prior Learning (VAE), or Validation of Professional and Personal Experience (VAP), offers numerous advantages.

By enrolling in Executive Education at EEMI, professionals can enhance their knowledge and skills, thereby expanding their professional perspectives. This allows them to have their acquired skills recognized and valued over the years. It’s a real boost for your career!

VAE, VAP, or Executive Programs?

  • VAE is a process that officially recognizes the skills acquired throughout one’s professional experience in order to obtain a diploma, professional title, or qualification certificate. This process is open to anyone who can demonstrate a minimum of 1,607 hours of experience in a specific field, regardless of their initial level of education. The aim of VAE is to bridge the gap between professional and educational paths by allowing individuals to value their already acquired skills.
  • VAP, on the other hand, aims to obtain validation of professional skills to access higher education, even without the required diploma. For example, someone holding a BAC+2 degree with significant professional experience can apply for VAP to enroll in a Master’s program. Unlike VAE, VAP does not grant a diploma itself, but it allows an individual to meet the admission requirements for higher education programs.
  • Executive Programs are specialized continuous training programs designed for working professionals who wish to develop their skills, acquire new knowledge, and broaden their professional perspectives. These programs usually offer intensive and specialized training tailored to the needs of executives and business leaders.