All the latest digital news this summer

05 September 2023
No holiday for Digital! Was your August synonymous with idleness? Do you still have sun in your eyes and sand between your toes? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a gentle catch-up session to get you back into the swing of things.
Recherche d'information durant l'été

1: New AI Meta, AudioGen and MusicGen

New from Meta! News that will delight music fans. The Californian company is causing a stir by unveiling its new generative AI capable of creating audio and music. Meta has announced the launch of AudioCraf, a system based on artificial intelligence (MusicGen and AudioGen) capable of transforming your words into melody. MusicGen can produce a variety of songs on demand. AudioGen will allow you to create all kinds of sound effects, from horns, waves, etc. Compose professional tracks in an instant and unleash your inner artist !

A new player has come into play for musicians and sound designers!

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2: Launch of the Orion eyewear roadmap

Meta never ceases to amaze ! The company is about to unveil its very first augmented reality glasses, called “Orion“. These glasses promise to project avatars in the form of ultra-realistic holograms. A release date ? Just a little longer, the first tests will begin in 2024, with a planned release date of 2027.

And that’s not all ! Meta plans to dazzle us with other wonders in the field of augmented and virtual reality between now and 2027. First, a VR headset called “Ventura” will be released by 2024. In 2025, a third generation of the popular Ray-Ban Stories will arrive, with a screen that can read text messages, scan QR codes and even translate messages instantly into different languages.

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