Training after high school

EEMI is a school outside of the Parcoursup system that offers certified Bachelor’s programs at level 6 (RNCP Title) for students who wish to train in the field of digital technology after obtaining their high school diploma.

Located in Paris, Lyon, and Orléans, EEMI provides programs in full-time or alternating formats, tailored to the needs of the job market, and aims to train passionate and competent professionals.

At EEMI, the first two years of the Bachelor’s program provide immersion in the digital and technology culture through theoretical and practical courses in e-business, interactive design, web development, and management.

In the third year, students choose a specialization for their final year of the Bachelor’s program.

Students have the option to pursue their studies in an alternating format or full-time.

Specializations in the Bachelor’s Program

As part of the professional qualifications offered in our bachelors programmes, all of the skill blocks must be validated in order to obtain the certification.

However, each block of skills can be assessed separately and, if validated, will lead to the issue of a specific certificate. The learner then holds a partial certificate that is valid for 5 years, and is definitively acquired if it is the result of a VAE process.