The latest digital news

16 May 2024

Didn’t have the time to keep up with the latest digital news? Don’t worry! We’ve prepared a catch-up session to bring you up to date on all the latest digital news. Today’s theme is AI!

1 : Open IA produces the first video clip generated by Sora.

Open IA continues its advances in IA technology ! With their new tools, Sora recently launched in February. Open IA aims to create photorealistic videos entirely generated by AI, now there’s no need to film yourself!


This new technology has enabled the production of a video clip, named The Hardest Part, of the Washed Out. Lasting a total of 4 minutes, it features a succession of shots of two characters going through the major stages of their lives as a couple.


Although this performance has an artistic purpose, it is not always appreciated, eliciting much criticism in the film and art industry. Sora has not finished making news.

2 : Gemini turns into a Swiss Army Knife


This 30 of april, Google has released new extensions for Gemini, allowing it to connect to different Google services like Google Drive, Flight, Hotel or even Youtube.


Since a blog note, Google explain it will be possible in one conversation with Gemini, to plan an entire trip :


  • Find dates in Gmail that suit everyone
  • Search for flight and hotel information based on those dates and location
  • Find YouTube videos on what to pack and summarize the packing list mentioned in the video



And Google isn’t stopping there: via the Chrome browser, it will also be possible to access Gemini directly from the browser’s address bar by preceding the query ‘@gemini’ !

Like Sora and Gemini, new innovations never cease to impact the digital sector and our daily lives.


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