The latest digital news #2

03 June 2024

The tech world moves fast, that’s a fact. And you probably haven’t had time to keep up with it all… Don’t miss any of the latest digital news with our roundup below.

1 : Google present his new IA video generator called VEO 


That’s it, OpenAI is no longer the only one in the video artificial intelligence market. This is what Google’s presentation video of its new tool called VEO demonstrates.


The tool unveiled this Tuesday, May 14 during Google I/O (the conference in which Google unveils all its new tools) proved Google’s ability to catch up with its competitors. AI-based VEO is capable of generating high-quality videos, with 1080p resolution, lasting over a minute and in a wide range of cinematic and visual styles.


According to Google, this model will be able to incorporate the nuances and tone of a prompt, while retaining a form of creativity. OpenAI has now a new rival.

2 : ChatGPT has now open eyes


Eyes, you say? ChatGPT now has a new version called GPT-4o, “o” for “omnimodel”, enabling it to integrate camera and microphone into the analysis of a question. Via facial recognition and voice detection, you will have no longer the needs to type anything.


It will be possible to simply chat with the conversational robot in a fluid manner, and even interrupt it to change the tone of its voice, so there’s no need to wait a few seconds before getting an answer! The conversational robot will resume the interrupted conversation directly with the new request.

OpenIA doesn’t stop there, GPT-4o can now detect emotions, it can adapt its response if you are tired, angry, in a hurry or sad.

Right now, the mac version is already available and free of charge ! The ChatGPT app contains new features, short-cut for a better usability of your GPT. In particular, you’ll be able to search information on the web with up-to-date data ! 


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