The digital news #3

20 June 2024

We found ourselves together for a recap on the latest digital news ! Discover IA and VR sector news !

1 : Apple present its new IA called Apple intelligence

The Keynote of Apple took place this 10 jun in Apple headquarters in California.

Discover now the new functionalities :

To begin with, we will start with the new imposing IA technologies, called Apple intelligence. This IA implemented in the Apple products with the new Apple Silicon, gives the possibility to modify text inside emails, to make them more professional or friendly. The game changer of this functionality is it implementation inside the interface, making it accessible anytime, anywhere.

The next functionality, will give the possibility to create your own emojis, called Genmojis, the IA will generate them using prompts !

Still using prompts, you could create images, almost like Midjourney but with Apple universe style.

And it’s not over yet ! Siri will have a new, shiny look ! When activated, Siri will now be, not a small bell, but colored waves on the edges of the iPhone’s screen.


Many more functionalities are to be discovered of the updates of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia, watchOS 11, but don’t get started too soon ! Some of these features will be available this autumn 2024, others in 2025…



2 : Stylus to navigate into VR

VR supports are diversifying ! In its second collaboration on VR with Meta, Logitech proposes a stylus connected to the Meta Quest VR.

This first stylus will be an alternative to the classical navigation system of the Meta Quest 2 and 3. The stylus, called MX Ink, will give the possibility to the user to navigate to application and write more easily and freely.

And Logitech doesn’t stop there. In addition to the MX Ink, it offers the MX Mat for those who want to write on a notepad to enhance their writing skills on mixed reality.

For those interested in comfort, the MX ink can be recharged and stored in the Mk inkwell holder. No worries are to have with the Mk inkwell !

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