Back-End Developer

Discover the profession of Back-End Developer!

This professional develops the server-side functionalities of a website. They manage the database and ensure the proper technical functioning of a website.


  • Analyzing the needs of users and clients
  • Participating in the design and planning of features to be implemented
  • Developing technical solutions using programming languages such as PHP, Python, Java, Go, Ruby, etc.
  • Building and optimizing the structure of the website, including the database
  • Collaborating with the product team to iterate and improve features
  • Conducting testing phases and ensuring quality control
  • Updating and optimizing the website according to client needs
  • Providing technical support in case of malfunctions

Required Skills

  • Proficiency in programming languages such as PHP, Python, Java, Go, Ruby, etc.
  • Knowledge of Content Management Systems (CMS) and hosting providers
  • Strong coding and reading comprehension skills

Required Qualities

  • Methodological
  • Meticulous
  • Pragmatic
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Time management skills

Average Salary

Several factors influence the salary, such as years of experience, seniority, and company structure, which determine the level of remuneration.

From €35,000

gross per annum for a junior

Up to around €70,000

gross per year for an expert