Generative AI workshop

03 July 2024

Our student attend last week at an IA workshop, to discover generative IA. Discover the potential of AI !

What is generative IA

EEMI students learned about the history of generative AI and its beginnings from our lecturer Marin-Victor Berthelot, who himself, during his professional career, took part in the development of the Google deepdream project! A project designed to understand neural machine learning, through the use and observation of a program capable of generating images.


Today, generative AI has been democratized by the arrival of ChatGPT, Midjourney and Gemini. Our students were able to understand the different learning methods of these generative AIs, which also use neural networks, but in a more advanced way, capable of reproducing human creations and reasoning.

From theory to practice!

Our students were able to practice image generation on Midjourney and then take the use of AI in the creation of physical objects a step further by switching to the Krea application to generate, for example, clothes (without necessarily having any drawing skills) and have them worn by models.

The students were also able to produce JavaScript code from AI, with the aim of creating 2D or 3D animations, demonstrating the diversity of application of these tools in the digital world.

The digital world is constantly evolving. EEMI prepares its students to exploit AI tools in the professional environment, enabling them to save considerable time in data processing, digital image creation and much more.

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