Continuing studies after a Bachelor’s degree (Bac+3)

EEMI offers several Master’s programs for students who wish to continue their studies in the field of digital technology after obtaining a certification or a Bachelor’s degree at the Bac+3 level.

Located in Paris, Lyon, and Orléans, EEMI provides degree programs designed to meet the expectations of companies and the latest technological developments.

The EEMI Master’s programs are full-time at school or as a work-study program and cover areas such as web development, e-business, interactive design, and entrepreneurship.

Specializations in Master’s Programs

As part of the professional qualifications offered in our Masters programmes, all blocks of skills must be validated in order to obtain certification.

However, each block of skills can be assessed separately and, if validated, will lead to the issue of a specific certificate. The learner then holds a partial certificate valid for 5 years, which can be acquired definitively if it is the result of a VAE process.